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Cedar shake roofing installed from $900/SQ

Natural wood shake can offer an unmatched elegance to your home's exterior. With proper maintenance, wood shake or shingles can keep their beautiful natural wood appearance for many years to come. Another option is upgrading to a maintenance-free steel roofing product such as DECRA Shake XD with a Lifetime Warranty and Class 4 Impact-Resistance rating.

Rimrock Roofing is a Cedar Shake roofing installer in Billings. We install many types of residential and commercial specialty roofing including cedar shake & shingle, slate, standing seam, steel shingles, TPO and EPDM. Our company can often offer a no cost upgrade to a Class 4 Impact-Resistant shingle that can immediately lower your insurance premium (typically 12%-18% savings) and eliminate many future re-roofing hassles.

If you have hail damage to your roof or damage to ANY of your siding, call 272-6540.


Rimrock Roofing can assist you with all of your storm damage restoration needs. We have experienced Project Managers that will make sure ALL damages to your property are IDENTIFIED and brought to the attention of your insurance company. We provide every client an extremely thorough supplemental inspection of their property. Insurance adjusters are often rushed during their initial inspection due to a very heavy workload and almost always "miss" damages that we identify and bring to their attention. We make sure you are brought whole. If you need us - we'll be here to help. Just call 272-6540.

Rimrock Roofing offers expert installation of wood shake, steel, TPO, EPDM and asphalt shingles. We provide experienced Project Managers that specialize in storm damage restoration. Our efficient and knowledgeable Commercial Project Manager's will ensure your roofing project is completed in full compliance with local building codes. Top quality workmanship is our guarantee on every project.

Rimrock Roofing offers top-quality residential roof replacement. Specialty roofing such as wood shake, metal shingle and steel standing seam all require specific installation methods. All of our roofing installations ensure your new roof will reflect an unmatched attention to detail and the highest quality workmanship. Rimrock Roofing offers a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty (ask us for details).

Consider upgrading your new roof to a Class 4 Impact-Resistant asphalt shingle which can immediately lower your property insurance premium (typically by 12%-18%). And eliminate many future re-roofing hassles. Rimrock Roofing is a Montana State Registered Construction Contractor. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation to discuss your roofing project in detail.

If we replace your roofing and siding you will receive a
no cost upgrade to a Class 4 Impact-Resistant roof shingle!

Rimrock Roofing holds an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau

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